Looking for the best AA batteries for your DSLR Camera flash? You’ve come to the right place. We have done extensive research to uncover the top AA batteries for any budget.

External camera flashes for DSLR cameras are notoriously power hungry. If you use the wrong batteries, you could see reduced performance or even worse battery corrosion. Whether your flash is Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Yongnuo, Metz, or any other external flash that takes AA batteries, we’ve got the best DSLR camera flash battery recommendations. There are two main battery type choices:

  • Standard Alkaline– These are your normal everyday batteries. These are the best choice if you are travelling a lot and need ready access to new batteries, or won’t be using your flash frequently. Our top picks will range from $.21-$.33 per battery depending upon quantity. Most flashes will take 4 AA batteries, so you’re looking at around $1 for four. We recommend buying in packs of 48 or more. This will allow you to pay the lowest amount per battery and save 20-30% per battery.
  • Rechargeable batteries– Ni-MH batteries (nickel metal hydride). Our picks will have the capability to be recharged hundreds of times. Rechargeable battery technology has improved while costs lowered to make rechargeable batteries a really economical option.  Our pick will include the charger needed to charge the batteries.

What to avoid:

Popular Brands. You will notice our top picks don’t include some very popular brands. These batteries are actually just fine performance wise-however due to their marketing costs and overhead, the price per battery generally just isn’t economical.

Dollar Store Brands. These are the bottom of the barrel. In some cases, their power discharge isn’t even enough to power the flash brand new right out of the package.

Now onto the list- these are all available at Amazon.com:

Best Standard Alkaline Battery for Camera Flash

Amazon Basics 48 Pack AA Batteries

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Amazon’s Amazon Basics AA battery is our top pick. Combining excellent per battery cost and some of the longest lasting alkaline battery life available, this is the clear winner.

Best Rechargeable Battery for Camera Flash

Panasonic Eneloop 4 Pack with Charger

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Eneloop is widely regarded as the top performing rechargeable battery manufacturer. With a life of up to 10 years and the ability to be charged hundreds of times, this is our top pick for rechargeable batteries specifically for a camera flash.

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