D3400 DSLR camera

Nikon D3400 Overview:

The Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera at a street price of $496 is one of the latest “entry” level Nikon DSLR cameras on the market. The standard kit includes the AF-P 18-55MM Lens, but it’s also available in a dual lens kit with the 18-55mm lens telephoto AF-P 70-300MM Lens. It’s targeted at budget conscious consumers still looking for good picture quality and looking to jump up from a point and shoot or their smartphone camera.

Key Features:

  • 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 11-point phase detect auto-focus system
  • 1080/60p video capability
  • Fixed 3″ 920k-dot LCD screen
  • 5/fps burst shooting

✓ The battery life of the D3400 is really astounding. It’s a slightly less powerful onboard flash, and less power used=battery savings. Nikon says on standard settings it can shoot over a thousand pictures before the battery needs to be charged. That’s among the best that we’ve ever seen for any DSLR camera.

✓ The bluetooth functionality is really great. the connection is always on. The camera can synch photos to your smart device as you shoot photos, without you having to reconnect each time. And it doesn’t drain the battery any more so than normal. Nikon calls it “SnapBridge” and it works in the background to transfer images. Once it’s setup up, you can just pick up your smart phone and the photos will be there. The software automatically resizes them so you can send or upload pretty easily. 

 Image quality is excellent. At the time of it’s released, the 24MP APS-C sensor was the best available of any entry level camera from any manufacturer. Even if you are blowing up images to poster sizes, they still retain excellent picture quality. A really benefit for such a large sensor is the cropping capability that you now have. The more pixels you have to work with, the easier it is to retain superb picture quality if you just want to use or showcase a small part of the picture that you took.

 Q: Is the D3400 better than the D3300? The D3400 is basically a “souped up” Nikon D3300. It offers a new AF-P lens, which features “Stepping Motor” autofocus technology, which essentially is designed to make the lens quieter. The AF-P lenses of the D3400 are also push button retraction, making them a little more space saving the a general fixed DSLR lens. It also offers advanced ISO max to 25,600, double the standard of the D3300. The D3400 is slightly lighter, and according to Nikon has nearly 35% battery life. Lastly, it also adds bluetooth and smartphone capability. As of the time of this review (January 2018), there is a $100 difference in the retail pricing of these cameras. So let your budget dictate your choice.


Actual tested camera picture:

Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P 18-55MM Lens

Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P 18-55MM Lens

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